First you win a primetime competition show for charity, then you win a daytime talk show for yourself? At least this is how Celebrity Apprentice victor Arsenio Hall wants it to go down.

Arsenio is reportedly in talks to potentially return to TV in a new iteration (most of us are a bit too young to remember the fistpumping days of the original late-night Arsenio Hall Show, which aired in the early '90s, but the collective cultural memory is a good one).


Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Arsenio is in negotiations with CBS Television, the same company that produced his erstwhile program, to join Dr. Phil and The Doctors among others as part of the daytime lineup.

Can you see Arsenio on during the day? He already appeared on The View, stating that the idea of returning to the talkshow circuit would be like seeing an old girlfriend...

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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