Hollywood stars can be known for their icy demeanor, but it was the weather in Hollywood that got icy today.

Celebrities took to Twitter to show their surprise for the sudden hailstorm that hit Hollywood on March 8, according to The Wrap.

Parks & Recreation star Rashida Jones wrote, "Went from sunny day to straight hailing on Laurel Canyon. Climate change or the end of days?"

Director Adam Shankman, who has directed the recent film version of Hairspray and several Glee episodes, tweeted: "Wait, it's SERIOUSLY hailing now in LA! WTF," followed by, "My yard is covered in ice. WTF!!!"

And Tonight Show sidekick Andy Richter excitedly wrote, "Hail is falling in Toluca Lake. Yay!"

Who knew that weather could bring such a range of emotions?

Source: The Wrap