We get it: Channing Tatum loves his wife, Jenna Dewan! Evidence? He said he’d only do Fifty Shades of Grey if he can star alongside his main squeeze. Also, he and Jenna always look just plain adorable together. In fact, Channing’s devotion to Jenna is so sweet we could die (and be supremely jealous while doing so).

After watching this sneak peek of the couple’s new film, you’ll be even more smitten with the Magic Mike star.

In 10 Years, Channing attends his high school reunion with his wife, played by Jenna. Things take an awkward turn when his former flame (Rosario Dawson) shows up at the gathering. The clip shows Channing walking in on Jenna as she freshens up in the ladies room, then teasing her for leaving him solo during the big bash. The two proceed to have an “aww” moment that will make you snicker and swoon at the same time.

Watch the full clip below!

Credit: MTV Photo: Channing Tatum Walks in on Jenna Dewan in the Ladies Room in Clip From 10 Years

Source: MTV

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