We're kinda glad Charlie Sheen wasn't our grandpa, since instead of taking us for ice cream, he probably would have taken us to Scores. But now he's about to be somebody's grandpa.

The actor/wildman will become a first-time grandfather later this year, as his oldest daughter, Cassandra Estevez, is expecting her first child. Winning!

Charlie informed Dave Letterman on January 14 of the soon-to-be-born baby  or to paraphrase a certain CBS sitcom title, perhaps we should call it a soon-to-be-born "half man" or "half woman."

"Me as a grandfather, Dave... I don't know. It's like the world's going to crack in half," he said. "It's fabulous. It's just not a title I'm ready to adopt." 

Does Charlie think he'll be a good grandfather? "Well, yeah, because you can leave the kid!" he told Dave.

Cassandra is 28 years old and is Charlie's daughter with Paula Speert, his high-school sweetheart.

Will this little one end up in acting? The Sheen genes certainly come with some expectations, given the success of Charlie and his brother, Emilio Estevez, along with their father, Martin Sheen. 

Anyone know if tiger blood is hereditary? 

Source: Us Weekly