Credit: W magazine Photo: W magazine cover with Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton is everything. She's a goddess and just so ... nothing else but herself. Anyway, she has a fantastic new spread in W Magazine's May 2013 issue including a photo — see it here — with real centipedes crawling on her eyebrows and upper lip.

“Though they may look as if they were mechanically placed, we waited hours for these centipedes to crawl into their meaningful positions, decking me out with eyebrows and mustaches. ‘Ceci n’est pas une moustache,’ as Magritte might have put it," Tilda told W. Check out more of her shoot here. It's beautiful in such a striking, atypical way. Tilda — who recently slept in a glass box for a public art display — has her own ideas about beauty. “Being beautiful was never really something I associated with people I knew – certainly not girls. Boys maybe. Horses, yes, and certainly my great-grandmother Elsie Swinton, whose imperial grandeur was like a watermark.”

Can you imagine having someone say your imperial grandeur was like a watermark? It's a much better compliment than "beautiful."

Sources: W Magazine, Just Jared