Credit: Mr Photoman/Splash News Photo: Emma Roberts and Kasper Hogan at the Grove in Los Angeles on February 2, 2012

We dished on Emma Roberts’ breakup with Glee cutie Chord Overstreet (Sam) about a week ago, but Emma’s already on the rebound from their 9-month relationship. Rumors are swirling that the actress has already found herself a new man!

Radar Online reports that Emma — known for her roles in Hotel for Dogs and Scream 4 — is now dating a blond Brit named Kasper Hogan. But he’s no ordinary Brit! Kasper’s family controls luxury Mandarin Oriental hotels. So, he’s kinda like a male version of Paris Hilton, but British!

On closer look, though, Kasper does appear to be a bit... odd. He likes to refer to himself as “Lord Kasper,” and Radar quotes his Twitter page as including multiple references to “getting laid.” Another tweet asks, "If you are 19 and have cellulite do you really think I'm going to buy you a drink?" Eesh.

Well lucky for Emma, she’s 20. And we’re pretty sure there’s no room for cellulite on her petite frame. We’re assuming that means she’s good?

Source: Radar Online

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