After his recent legal troubles, it was clear that Rihanna was 100 percent there for boyfriend Chris Brown. So what about the Grammys this weekend?

Well, according to what a close friend of Rihanna told HollywoodLife, Chris Brown "already told her he'd go with her" to this weekend's Grammy Awards. However, we're not sure that will actually be happening.

E! News reported Saturday morning that according to the Grammys' executive producer Ken Ehrlich, Brown has not confirmed his arrival. Showing the star-studded seating arrangements, Rihanna is sitting solo. Close behind her is Chris' recent enemies Frank Ocean and Drake.

Ehrich responded with "I don't know," when asked if he thought he'd make an appearance. "Chris is nominated in the same category as Frank," he told E! "He's been invited."

So, do you think they will show up together? And, what do you hope for?

Source: E! News