Those Rush Hour checks may not be pouring in with the same frequency they used to, but Chris Tucker has a nice little nest egg, thanks to the sale of his California mansion.

Chris, who recently starred in The Silver Linings Playbook (and nothing else since his days working alongside Jackie Chan) just made nearly a million dollars on the sale of his palatial Tarzana, CA pad, according to TMZ.

Chris bought the 5-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom, 6,399 square foot home at the height of his fame in 1996 for $1,113,5000 and put it on the market again in 2011.

The house, which comes tricked out with fountains, a pool, a spa, and all of the other things that could make a person nearly forget about a $12 million dollar tax debt, was originally listed for $2.4 million, and sold for $2.1.


He may be down one home already, but just $10 million more to Uncle Sam and he’ll be truly home free.

Source: TMZ