Clint Eastwood’s wife is in rehab, so could that be where his wedding ring is hiding as well?

The Oscar-winning director has been spotted in New York City without his wedding ring since his wife, Dina, checked herself into rehab.

TMZ reports that the couple, who have been married since 1996, have been having marital problems, which prompted Dina’s decision to check herself into a treatment facility.

While Dina is being treated for anxiety and depression at a private clinic in Arizona, it was allegedly the prospect of divorce that caused her to seek help – far away from her superstar hubby.

Clint reportedly wants to make things work with Dina — and hey, at 82, who can blame him for not wanting to shake things up? — but he’ll have to be patient.


According to sources close to the pair, she’s planning on getting some serious  R&R in during her stay in Arizona and may not head back to the couple’s home in LA for months.

Source: TMZ