So what can we expect from Community's Season 4 finale? Well, it certainly sounds a bit crazy  as if we should expect anything less.

The cast of the NBC sitcom spoke to TVLine about what fans can expect from the season  and possibly series finale  which airs on May 20. 

"It gets really nuts at some points — in a good nutty way," says Joel McHale (Jeff), who also says the episode will be "out there-y."

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In fact, Joel reveals that something so bizarre will happen that no one else — on TV or in real life — will be doing. We're scared.

"That night, or that week — that month, really — nobody's going to be doing what we did in that episode," Joel cryptically reveals.

However, it sounds like the show is also approaching this season finale with the knowledge that this could be the last episode of the series, given that it has yet to be picked up for next season.

"It was definitely the most final of all finales for us," Danny Pudi (Abed) admits. Sadness!

Meanwhile, Jeff will be taking a step forward in a way.

"There's definitely closure, and definitely they're sort of bringing certainly the Jeff character to the full circle place," Jim Rash (Dean Pelton) says.

So what crazy thing will happen on Community but nowhere else? We can't wait to find out. We think.

Source: TVLine