Joel McHale is 41. Chevy Chase is 69. They are both 6'4" tall. Who would win in a fight?

At first we'd think Joel, but Chevy is a hot-tempered guy. He'd probably throw the first punch and keep going and going like a really mad Energizer Bunny. Joel was on Howard Stern's show, talking about Chevy's controversial stint on Community. Chevy wasn't happy with the direction of his character, and was vocal about his complaints along the way.

"He didn't want to be there," Joel said in a clip from his interview (via E! Online). Howard asked if Joel ever went up to Chevy and just said something like, 'Hey, this is a great gig for everyone, can't we just ride it out?' Did he ever just try to talk to Chevy? "When I would try, he would just try to fight me," Joel said. Physically fight him? "Yeah, he physically wanted to fight me." That’s weird. Why would he be mad at Joel?

Chevy is now gone from the show, but he'll still appear in several episodes when Community Season 4 premieres tonight (February 7) on NBC.

Source: Howard Stern (via E! Online)