We thought it could be possible, but now we know: Kristen Stewart will be starring alongside Ben Affleck in Focus, an upcoming comedy.

According to the Huffington Post, Kristen is looking forward to trying her hand at comedy. About being in the film, she said: "I can confirm that rumor. It's a comedy. I'm really excited about it. We start shooting in April."

In the film, Kristen will be playing a newbie con artist who works with Ben, an older, wiser and more experienced con artist. We don’t know much else about the role, other than the fact that there will be “passionate” love scenes between Ben and Kristen.

From Robert Pattinson to Ben Affleck? It definitely doesn’t suck to be Kristen Stewart.

But in the meantime, the actress is looking for other projects until Focus begins shooting. Our advice? Quality time with Robert is never a bad idea.

Source: Huffington Post

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