It’s no secret that Justin Bieber has in the news a lot lately … and not for the good things we’ve come to expect from the pop star. In the past week, a photographer was killed while trying to snap a picture of Justin’s Ferrari, and then TMZ released photos of the pop star smoking marijuana.

And despite the fact that Justin apologized to his fans on Twitter, some people are starting to worry that there could be a bigger problem at play: Lil Twist.

According to TMZ, Lil Twist was rolling blunts for Justin and friends in the hotel room during the photographed shindig, and Lil Twist was also the one behind the wheel of Justin’s Ferrari when the photographer was killed trying to get a photo of the traffic stop.

And based on Lil Twist’s Twitter profile picture, which features him smoking, we’re starting to think that Justin might need to find a new friend.

What do you think of Lil Twist?

Source: TMZ