Celebrities may go through life walking glamorous red carpets and often getting preferential treatment, but one unfortunate downside to fame for a few unlucky celebs is the presence of a stalker.

30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin is the latest Hollywood heavyweight to face his very own stalker. The New York Post reports that 40-year-old Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin flew from Montreal last weekend to harass Alec at his home in the Hamptons — the same weekend Baldwin proposed to girlfriend Hilaria Thomas.

Credit: Splash News

While Baldwin filled an initial complaint with authorities last weekend, Sabourin — who has also sent the actor emails and text messages declaring her love for him and her desire to have his baby — managed to evade Long Island authorities. 

When Sabourin showed up at Alec’s apartment building in downtown NYC on Sunday, April 8, the doorman called the actor in the Hamptons, who then alerted the NYPD. Police officers then charged Sabourin with aggravated harassment and stalking.

Credit: Splash News Photo: Alec Baldwin's NYC Apartment Building

It turns out that the attractive blond actress actually met Baldwin on the set of 2002 film, The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Alec made a cameo appearance in the film, while Sabourin reportedly worked as part of the crew. How creepy!

Source: The New York Post