Credit: Photo via Jenelle Evans’s Twitter; Mark Kolbe/Getty Images Photo: December 27's Cutie and the Beast Face-off

Cute hunters, lock and load! Every Tuesday, we take two of the most achingly adorable beings on the planet and force you to make one tough call: as darling as these two critters are, you must choose a winner. Think of it as the Cute Thunderdome — two cuties enter, one cutie leaves. So, what say you? Who is the Cutie, and who is the Beast?  

Think you’re up for the challenge? We’ve got two photos for you to judge.

First up, Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans plays with son Jace in a foam pit. Aww! It looks like a fun-filled day of family time.

Credit: Photo via Jenelle Evans’s Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans and Son Jace Play in a Foam Pit

Next, a tiger club bounds over to its mom at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. It’s hard to believe that anything that cute could be dangerous.

Credit: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images Photo: Tigers Play at the Taronga Zoo on October 25, 2011

The time has come to make the tough call:

If you missed last week’s face-off, check it out here. Who’s cuter getting in the holiday spirit: Glee’s Rory or a lion?

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