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Are the odds ever in The Selection's favor?

It seems like things might work out the second time around for the CW pilot The Selection. The CW passed on the Hunger Games-esque drama pilot last season, but now the network has ordered a retooled pilot, according to TVLine.

 “The script just came in,” says the CW's president about the new version of the show. “It’s very well done.”

The Selection is based on a book by Kiera Cass and is an epic romance about a working-class young woman who is, uh, selected (hence the name) to compete against 25 other ladies to wed the Royal Prince. This better be one amazing guy.

Last year's version of the show was developed with Aimee Teegarden of Friday Night Lights as the star, but it's unclear if she would still play the lead role in the revamped version.

The show is still set to be helmed by two producers from The Vampire Diaries.

Even though the show sounds an awful lot like The Hunger Games, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Let's just hope it makes it to the air this time around!

Source: TVLine