Stars: they’re just like us — not at all immune to the strangely addictive nature of reality TV. 

Twilight actress Dakota Fanning, for one, admits she’s obsessed with A&E’s Duck Dynasty, a reality show centered on a family that struck gold by specializing in duck calls.

“I am obsessed with it,” Dakota told USA Today. “I was watching it and totally zoned out. I never laugh at TV even if it’s funny. I never laugh out loud. This show, I was cracking up. I was dying laughing.”

The 18-year-old star even managed to get her Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart sucked into the bird call drama.

“I called Kristen and told her she had to watch this show,” Dakota added. “I think it’s the best show ever. They make those duck calls. It’s insane.” 

Source: USA Today