Can you handle Daniel Radcliffe as a hunchback?

The adorable Harry Potter star is in talks to star as Igor in the new film version of Frankenstein, according to Deadline.

Igor is the hunchbacked lab assistant to Dr. Frankenstein, who was not in the original Mary Shelley novel but first appeared in the 1931 film adaptation.

This new version is being scripted by the writer of Chronicle.

This continues Daniel's tendency for choosing somewhat creepy films, following last year's The Woman in Black and its upcoming sequel.

We probably prefer Daniel to star in films where we can swoom over his handsome looks, but we know that Daniel is going to be amazing in any film he chooses — and we love his versatility.

His new film Kill Your Darlings premiered at Sundance earlier this year. 

To paraphrase the originaly Frankenstein film, theres no question that Daniel's film career is definitely "alive"!

Source: Deadline