Apparently, there are no "rules" when it comes to supporting your fellow celebrities.

David Spade was asked by TMZ about Reese Witherspoon's recent run-in with the law, and he shared some harsh words.

"If you have to explain to someone you're famous, then you're technically not that famous," the 48-year-old Rules of Engagement star says.

David says that, if there are ever instances where he doesn't get what he wants, he never plays the "I'm famous" card.

"I don't try to explain to [people] I'm a big deal because clearly I'm not big enough," he says wisely.

David also displayed his love of wordplay.

"Reese is falling to pieces  is that what I'm hearing," David joked.

On April 19, Reese's husband was charged with a DUI. Reese herself was charged with disorderly conduct after reportedly asking the police officer, "Do you know my name?" 

David Spade rose to fame on Saturday Night Live in the early '90s. He is known for his sitcom roles on Just Shoot Me and Rules of Engagement, not to mention films like Joe Dirt.

We appreciate that David doesn't feel the need to flout his fame. Still, it might have been nice if he had given some words of encouragement for Reese.

Long story short, we're guessing Reese feels like dirt these days.

Source: TMZ