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A very helpful person has passed away.

Pauline Phillips, who created the "Dear Abby" advice column and answered readers' questions for decades, died on January 16 of Alzheimer's, according to TMZ.

Pauline's daughter, Jeanne, who took over the column for her mother in recent years, said, "I have lost my mother, my mentor, and my best friend."

The "Dear Abby" column was first published in 1956, and attained a daily readership of a whopping 100 million people.

Pauline used the nom de plume of Abigail Van Buren when writing the column.

Her twin sister, Ann Landers, was also an advice columnist. Ann passed away in 2002 at the age of 83. That must have been one well-mannered family.

We'll miss you and your wisdom, Pauline!

Source: TMZ