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Debra Messing's current show hasn't been a smash success, so it appears she's already moving on.

The Will & Grace star is still appearing on NBC's Smash, but she has just been cast in a new CBS sitcom, according to EW  which doesn't bode well for Smash's future.

Smash has yet to be officially canceled, but given that the show is ganering low ratings and has been shifted to Saturdays — aka the Siberia of the TV schedule  things aren't looking good.

In her new pilot, Debra will play Shira, a married mom who tries to balance family, life, and work. Interestingly, it has been created by two writers who used to work on Smash.

If a miracle happens and Smash gets renewed, then Debra would have to stick with that and skip the pilot.

We think it might be a good idea for Debra to try something new, since Smash hasn't quite worked out, and it will be great to see her doing comedy again. But Debra is amazing, regardless of what she's in!

Source: Entertainment Weekly