Well, theirs may be a broken home, but it's definitely not a broken house!

According to TMZ, Vegas star Dennis Quaid, who filed for divorce from Kimberly Buffington last year, has bought Kimberly and their two children a lavish mansion in Pacific Palisades. The price? Oh, just a measly $3.1 million dollars.  

The couple's divorce settlement states that Kimberly and their 5-year old twins, Thomas and Zoe, have exclusive occupancy of the home until the children turn 18. Kimberly can "conditionally" stay longer, which probably means forever, since the title is in both her and Dennis's names. 

Dennis purchased the property from the former president of CBS, John Nogawski. The area is chock full of celebrity bigwigs including Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.   

Source: TMZ