Credit: SHOWTIME Photo: Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is once again on the defensive in the latest teaser for the seventh season of Dexter.

The penultimate season promises to open right where Season 6 left off: Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) has just walked in on Dex slaying his latest bad-guy victim, mere moments after finally drumming up the courage to tell her adoptive brother how she feels about him.

At the beginning of this super suspenseful trailer, we hear Deb say, “Get away from the body. Jesus, Dexter.” Thus kicks off a wild ride portending the disintegration of Deb and Dex's relationship and the reopening of the case of the Bay Harbor Butcher.

“I want to be free to be who I am,” says Dexter. 

“It's a capital offense to be who you are,” responds Deb.

“The only thing worse than not knowing what she'll do is not knowing what I'll do,” Dexter intones in one of his typically emotionless voiceovers. “Maybe a monster is all I am.”

Credit: YouTube Photo: Dexter Season 7 Preview: What Will Deb Do — and What Will Dexter Do? (VIDEO)

Dexter returns to Showtime on September 30. Holy s***, we can’t wait.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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