Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime Photo: Deb Pulls the Trigger, Dexter

The first footage from Dexter's upcoming eighth season hit the Internet today (April 12) — paired with a preview of Showtime's new series Ray Donovan — and we get a few glimpses of the tenuous relationship between brother Dexter and sister Debra, perhaps ireparably broken after Deb fatally shot Maria LaGuerta to protect Dex.

"I shot the wrong person in that trailer," Deb seethes as she talks to her bro in the cereal aisle. (Can't they talk about this over a nice, sugary bowl of Froot Loops?)

"All my life, I thought I needed you," she says in a different scene. "It was the other way around!"

Yikes. Looks like we'll see some real sibling rivalry when Season 8 kicks off on June 30 on Showtime.