Diane Kruger may have an amazing career, flawless beauty, and Joshua Jackson attached to her hip, but she doesn’t have everything.

Specifically, she’s missing out on being possessed.

The German-born actress, who stars in the new Stephenie Meyer thriller The Host, tells Movieline that if she ever had to give her body over to another person for a day, she already knows who it would be.

Michael Jackson,” Diane revealed. “He's the coolest. He's my favorite singer. I cried when he died.”

While we’re hoping the day never comes when living stars become possessed by dead celebrities, if it ever happens to Diane, she’s already got someone ready to hand over their body to her.


“I want to be Diane Kruger,” said designer Jason Wu. “She's so glamorous. She's one of those girls I just love hanging out with. Amazing inside and out.”


Source: Movieline