Anyone who follows Beyonce on Tumblr knows Bey is definitely Team Obama. However, while she is allowed to broadcast her political leanings as much as she likes outside the voting booth, she may have violated a New York state law by photographing and posting pics of herself in the voting booth. Oops!

The statute finds fault specifically with “Any person who [...] makes or keeps any memorandum of anything occurring within the booth, or directly or indirectly, reveals to another the name of any candidate voted for by such voter; or shows his ballot after it is prepared for voting, to any person so as to reveal the contents."

She may not have revealed her marked ballot (with the exception of her signature), but Beyonce did photograph herself in the booth, which technically is a “memorandum” of something “occurring within the booth.” It’s pretty unlikely she’ll face charges, since it’s a minor offense that occurred in a city with much fiercer criminals than Sasha Fierce.

Bey isn’t the only famous New York voter to have broken that law this election. Kim Kardashian also posted some selfies in the voting booth, but like Beyonce didn’t reveal how she voted. Political pundit Sean Hannity, however, tweeted his vote for president. After learning what he did was illegal, Sean deleted the TwitPic, telling radio listeners, “I learned a big civics lesson today.”

Source:  E! Online, Beyonce's Tumblr