Credit: S Fernandez / Splash News Photo: Justin Bieber Walks Through a Toronto Airport on July 24, 2012

Justin Bieber is no stranger to tattoos, but did the “Boyfriend” singer recently add a new tat to his growing array of body ink?

Yes, he did. But if you weren’t looking carefully at the Biebs’s slender arms you might have missed it! While walking through a Toronto airport on July 24, Bieber showed off the latest addition to his tatoo collection — a tiny square with two lines coming out of it.

Credit: Splash News Photo: Take a Look at Justin Bieber's New Tat

The symbol may seem random, but we know that nothing Justin ever does is without purpose. It turns out that the design is actually the Japanese symbol “kanji,” which translates to "music."  

The telling tat rests on his right arm, directly opposite his “Believe” tattoo, and marks Bieber’s sixth tattoo in total.

He better save some of that precious skin real estate if he ever wants to get “Selena” tattooed somewhere!