Credit: Twitter

In the song "Boyfriend," Justin Bieber says, "I could be a gentleman"  but he doesn't exactly look like a gentleman in this pic.

The pop singer has stirred up some controversy after a pic was snapped in which he appears to grab a young female fan's breast.

The photo was taken during a fan meet-and-greet session in Miami. The pic was posted on the Bieber fan page but was later taken down.

However, the fan  whose name is Jocelyn and who uses the Twitter handle JocelynnBieber  says that Justin didn't actually touch her breast, and instead he was just kissing her on the cheek because she managed to sneak into the autograph line for a second time.

Here's what Jocelyn says happened on Twitter: 

Jocelyn reiterated that Justin did not touch her boob, tweeting, "People can think what they want, but I know what really happened, and Justin does, too, so everyone else's opinions don't matter to me."

Meanwhile, Justin's rep tells E!"That definitely did not happen. He was pulling away from her."

So we're not sure why it looks like Justin's hand is on her boob if it really isn't. Perhaps this will just go down as one of the universe's unsolved mysteries.

And here we thought Jocelyn was the luckiest Bieber fan on planet earth. Guess not!

Source: Twitter, E! Online