We hope Liam Hemsworth likes sleeping on the couch.

Miley Cyrus was reportedly furious to learn that her fiance Liam was revealing secrets about their love life to his brother Chris Hemsworth, according to Perez Hilton.

"Miley blew up and got right in Liam’s face," says a source. "She was stunned Liam was talking about their sexual encounters to anyone, but especially livid that he’d confided in Chris!"

"When Liam defended himself by saying Miley’s always gabbing to her girlfriends  and discusses details about their sex life  she snapped, ‘That’s different! They’re my girlfriends and you don’t hang out with my girlfriends. But I have to see your brother all the time  I don’t want him knowing what goes on in our bed!'" the source continues.

Chris Hemsworth is the chiseled  and married  star of Thor and Snow White and the Hunstman.

Let's hope for Miley's sake that Chris can keep a secret!

And now we're curious as to what exactly Liam might have told him. Hmm...

Source: Perez Hilton