Pregnant Kate Middleton apparently just had a baby shower  or did she? 

Photographs have been released that appear to show the Duchess of Cambridge celebrating her baby shower with other famous faces, but all the people in the photo are actually just lookalikes, according to E! Online.

The photo was taken by Allison Jackson, and the fake baby shower photo shoot featured actresses who are dead ringers for not only Kate but also her sister Pippa, Queen Elizabeth II, and Camilla.  

Take a look at the photo here and let us know if you can tell that these aren't the real women. We think it's harder to realize that it's fake than you might think.

In the photo, the imposters are drinking red cocktails and holding stuffed animals.

Particularly amusing is the fact that "Queen Elizabeth" appears on the verge of taking a big ol' bite of a cupcake. A woman after our own hearts!

However, we knew that this was a fake because we had previously reported that Kate wouldn't be having a baby shower at all.

And suddenly, we're jealous that we don't look exactly like Kate Middleton.

Source: E! Online

Credit: Hollyscoop via 5min Photo: Pregnant Kate Middleton Has “Massively Broken With Royal Protocol” — Report