Credit: Rihanna's Instagram Photo: Rihanna in bed on New Year's Day

The polka dots are giving them away!

Rihanna and Chris Brown spent Christmas together, and it’s looking like they may have welcomed 2013 together as well. Consider the photographic “evidence” helpfully shared by both Chris and Rihanna:

• "Mornings," Chris wrote with his Instagram photo (below left) yesterday.

Credit: Chris Brown's Instagram Photo: Chris Brown in bed on New Year's Day

• Rihanna shared this photo (top) around the same time, writing, "Good morning! Still haven't slept lol #hello2013"

Hmm. Do you think Chris took both photos in the same bed — perhaps a California king bed? Did they post these photos hoping people would put two-and-two together, teasing their fans and haters at the same time?

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