Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina Lohan has a new gig: She’ll be appearing on a show about the ex-wives of famous people, according to TMZ. Wait, what? Did we miss Michael Lohan’s rise to fame as a pop star or something?

Not exactly. Dina’s role is actually only recurring  the show’s subjects are ex-wives of Will Smith, Prince, R. Kelly, and Eddie Murphy. Dina’s tagging along because she’s friends with some of the cast, and apparently she “spices things up.” We’d believe that.

Lindsay Lohan, however, will not appear on the show. You know, we’d sling some snark about the role model Dina is for her daughter, but now that we think about it, reality TV is probably Lindsay Lohan’s best bet at this point. We'd watch the heck out of it. Dina’s modeling exactly the behavior her daughter needs.

Source: TMZ

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