Credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images Photo: Rihanna and Chris Brown Perform Together at Z100's Jingle Ball on December 12, 2008

On Sunday night at the Grammy Awards, Chris Brown made what many believe was a triumphant return to the stage after a sordid fall from grace three years ago. In 2009, after an altercation at a Grammy pre-party, Chris Brown beat then-girlfriend Rihanna so badly neighbors heard her screams for help, according to TMZ. Chris’ actions drew the ire of the entire music industry and many radio stations banned his singles from the airwaves.

Three years later, Chris and Rihanna returned to the 2012 Grammy stage, albeit separately. Chris performed a colorful mashup of “Turn up the Music” and “Beautiful People,” showing off his still-stellar dance moves. Half an hour and a few commercial breaks later, Chris won a Grammy for best R&B album. ?uestlove, the preeminent drummer for The Roots, took to the Internet in support of Chris, tweeting, “Everyone deserves a second chance. Congrats Breezy.”

With reports circling that Rihanna and Chris Brown are more than friendly, should we move on, too, and forgive and forget and focus on respecting his obvious talent? Chris is seemingly on the verge of a major comeback — but does he deserve one?

Sources: TMZ, Twitter

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Chris Brown Perform a Medley at the 2012 Grammy Awards