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Miley Cyrus has a hunky Australian actor fiancé (Liam Hemsworth), a dad with an achy-breaky heart (Billy Ray Cyrus), and entire roomfuls of rescued dogs, but does she also have brothers and sisters to round out that family package?

The short answer is yes, she does! Miley has two younger biological siblings, brother Braison and sister Noah. Braison is an aspiring model, and Noah is an actress like her big sis.

But that’s not all: Miley also has a half-brother, Christopher Cody — Billy Ray’s son from a previous brief relationship who was born eight months before Miley in 1992. He grew up in South Carolina with his mother.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Miley Cyrus Celebrates Thanksgiving in 2011

On top of that, you can add two stepsiblings to this real-life Brady Bunch: Miley’s mom, Tish Cyrus, has two children from a previous relationship — son Trace and daughter Brandi, both of whom were adopted by Billy Ray. Trace was the lead singer and guitarist for Metro Station before the group broke up in 2010, and Brandi is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Frank + Derol.

Music kinda runs in the family.

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