Credit: PBS Photo: Maggie Grace as Dowager Countess

While we’ll have to wait until — sigh — 2013 to see Downton Abbey in the U.S. again, we finally have a glimpse of upcoming Season 3 goodness! Upon watching this brand-new video clip of Shirley MacLaine (as Lady Cora’s mother, Martha) and Maggie Smith (as the ever-persnickety Dowager Countess) we became so overjoyed we began fanning ourselves immediately — you know, to keep our ladylike composure. 

The clip, which aired as part of a tribute to Shirley, shows the two women meeting at Downton after not seeing one another for years. They manage to both imperceptibly insult one another as only early-20th century aristocrats can — just another reason why we love this show.

While the Season 3 wait may feel impossibly long, we’ll continue to report all the Downton spoilers we can get our eager hands on.

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Credit: Youtube Photo: Downton Abbey Season 3 Sneak Peek