It's The Remains of the Day all over again! Have you read the book or seen the movie, with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson? They're like Carson (Jim Carter) and Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan) on Downton Abbey.

Anyway, in a cast video dissecting the Downton Abbey Season 3 finale, Jim Carter says he'd like the characters to take their close-but-not-that-close relationship to the next level.

Credit: ITV

"I love the scenes where Carson and Mrs. Hughes get together," Jim says. "You don't often see behind the mask with Carson. Just occasionally the mask slips and you just get a little glimpse of the interior life. You get that when he's with Mrs. Hughes. ... Everybody wants Carson and Mrs. Hughes quietly to get together. Even if they were married, he's still call her Mrs. Hughes, wouldn't he?"

Credit: ITV

Then the actor looks right into the camera and says, "Carson has to marry Mrs. Hughes. Write to [show creator] Julian Fellowes, it's got to happen. Thank you."

Do you think Carson and Mrs. Hughes should try to be like Bates and Anna, or keep their relationship the way it is now?

Source: PBS (via Zap2it)

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