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If you thought Drake and Chris Brown's beef over Rihanna was done, think again.

Drake spoke to Elliott Wilson on the Internet radio show "Keep It Thoro" and dissed Chris quite a bit, according to TMZ.

"His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him, that I'm more popping than him and that at one point in life the woman that he loves fell into my lap," Drake says. Ouch!

So what really went down between Drake and Rihanna, and how was he able to interest her?

"I did what a real n***a would do and treated her with respect," Drake continues.

Still, Drake thinks that he and Chris might someday reconcile their feud.

"We have an issue and it's either gonna drag out or maybe in ten years we'll laugh about it over drinks," he adds. "Just let us solve that s**t." 

Drake and Chris got into a scuffle last year at club that led to bottles getting thrown.

In other words, we won't hold our breath on these two reconciling anytime soon.

Source: TMZ