Everyone can "thank" the nightclub bouncers who helped prevent another possible dust-up between Chris Brown and Drake.

Drake was turned away at the door of a nightclub on February 13 because Chris Brown was already partying inside, according to TMZ.

Bouncers at Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood told Drake he couldn't come in because Chris Brown was at a table, and the establishment was hoping to avoid any possible altercations.

The bouncers also knew Rihanna would be stopping by the nightclub later that evening. RiRi and Drake are rumored to have dated.

However, it doesn't appear that Rihanna and Chris were particularly chummy that night, as Rihanna is said to have ignored Chris while at the club.

Chris and Drake took part in a nightclub brawl back in June 2012 in NYC, and they are both currently suing each other because of the incident.

Drake made his album debut in 2010 with Thank Me Later, which went platinum.  

We're thinking that keeping Chris and Drake from being in the same room is a smart plan.

Source: TMZ