This is strange, to say the least.

TMZ has photos of Drake at a strip club called Cameo Nightclub in Charlotte, N.C. You can see him carrying around stacks of cash, with $1 bills all over the floor. According to TMZ, Drake opened a cardboard box filled with cash and unleashed $50,000 on the dancers. Another rapper reportedly added $25,000. The money was all over the place.

Why do it in $1 bills? Heck, why do it at all? And who was taking professional-looking photos while this happened and sent them to TMZ? Who told them it was $50K, plus $25K? It feels like some kind of PR set-up — or at least a huge waste of time and money — but someone's going to walk out with a ton of quick cash. What a shame Drake couldn't do this at a hospital or shelter or place that actually needed/deserved the cash and attention.

Source: TMZ