Things aren't looking good for a certain star of The View.

The View producers are still hoping to fire Elisabeth Hasselbeck and were upset that the news of her potential release leaked last week, according to Page Six.

"ABC is desperate to freshen the show," a source says about the show's low ratings. 

Elisabeth's contract isn't up until 2014, but the source says Hasselbeck's contract is up in 2014, but she might get the boot "earlier, because the ABC brass believes the show needs to be younged-up fast." 

"They easily could coax her to go early," the source adds.

According to the insider, Joy Behar was indeed fired recently and didn't leave of her volition, as it had been reported. 

Now, word has it that Barbara Walters was just trying to "save face" by denying that Elisabeth would be leaving soon.  

In other words, The View may soon have a very different look.

Source: Page Six