Emma Roberts and Evan Peters may have the world at their disposal as young Hollywood elite, but when it comes to their ideal date night, the two have some pretty low-key visions.


At the premiere of of Adult World, in which the couple both star, the two admitted that it’s not the prospect of heading out to a hot new club or an exclusive party that excites them the most.


“I have not been to the movies in so long, but I’m dying to see ‘Oblivion,’” said Emma, whose sentiments were echoed by her American Horror Story star boyfriend.

 “I want to eat really good pizza,” added Evan of his plans for his stay in New York during the Tribeca Film Festival.


If there was any doubt that the pair are perfect for one another, when asked to impart advice for others who might make the trip to Coachella, where the couple was spotted last week, the two gave the same advice: “Drink a lot of water.”

 Source: OK Magazine