Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are getting serious enough to adopt — adopt an animal, that is. 

The couple of one year recently decided to take in a 2-year-old golden retriever named Ren after initially bringing the pup home as a foster pet.

"She was one of the dogs they first saw, but they weren’t sure," a source told People of the pup the duo plans to adopt. "They left and they couldn’t stop thinking about her, so they came back for her. And it’s true love."

Emma and Andrew planned to bring the dog home as a foster pet but decided to fully adopt the animal on Christmas Eve, apparently unable to stand the thought of giving their new canine friend away again. We wouldn’t be able to give up that pup either! See pictures of The Amazing Spider-Man couple's new pooch here

"She won the doggie lottery," the source added, describing the dog as "a typical golden puppy. Very, very sweet and loving. They totally fell in love with her."

Source: People