Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images Photo: Emmy Rossum Stops for a Photo at the Donna Karan Show on February 13, 2012

Emmy Rossum may be currently starring in Showtime’s successful show, Shameless, but there’s one role (or should we say roles) that the 25-year-old actress never got to play, all thanks to Lindsay Lohan.

Apparently, Emmy was really close to landing the roles of twins Hallie Parker and Annie James in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap,  but ultimately lost out to Lohan.

Emmy tells Celebuzz, “I was 12, but I really wanted the role.”

Yet considering Lindsay’s early shot to stardom now serves as a careful reminder of the pitfalls of becoming so famous at such a young age, it’s no surprise that Emmy doesn’t resent Lindsay for nabbing the twinnie gig.

When asked if she harbors any hard feelings towards LiLo, Emmy replied, “Not at all. Lindsay beat me out of the role… I’m having the time of my life and currently working on Shameless.”

We’re happy for Emmy, but we can’t help but wonder if Linds wishes things had turned out a bit differently!

Source: Celebuzz