Somebody get Faith Hill a sandwich.

The country singer showed off a stunningly skinny frame at last weekend's Grammy awards, and now health experts are worried that she's dangerously underweight, according to Radar Online

“Her neck is extremely gaunt and her clavicles, they are ripping that bodice,” says Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of The Hamptons Diet, about a pic of Faith at the awards ceremony.

“It is certainly very aging on her and is an unhealthy weight,” he continues.

Meanwhile, nutritional expert Dr. Majid Ali estimates the the 5'9" Faith now weighs as little as 115 pounds.

“Her color and general look is good, but she should not go lower," he warns. 

Faith Hill is known for such hit songs as "This Kiss" and "Breathe."

We miss the days when she rocking some healthy curves.

Source: Radar Online