Either the Fifty Shades of Grey casting people are just taking their sweet time in calling people or Matt Bomer isn't on their hot list to play Christian Grey.

He's one of the fan favorite choices for the role (along with Ian Somerhalder and Henry Cavill, among others) but the 35-year-old White Collar actor told the BBC nothing official has been said.

Speaking about the role of Christian, Matt said, "Did you ask whether I've been approached to play the part? No." However, he added, "I'm incredibly flattered by and grateful for the response, for sure, but yeah, I guess that's all I can say about that."

Are you disappointed, or still hopeful that maybe they just haven't gotten around to officially "approaching" him yet? Have they officially "approached" anyone, at this point? Maybe they're going for sneak attacks!

Source: BBC Newsbeat