Hey, Girl — looks like Ryan Gosling definitely won’t be playing Christian Grey. Let’s bow our heads in a moment of silence while we soberly accept this sad news: Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James told Ryan Seacrest that RyGos’s casting was “completely misreported.”

We know — what about that story that E.L.’s husband Niall Leonard thought Ryan was set to play the sexy lead? Turns out it was all a big kooky misunderstanding!

E.L. explains, "What happened is that his local paper, he’s from Northern Ireland, there’s a newspaper there called the Belfast Telegraph that reported on my husband being the inspiration for Christian Grey. Underneath it they put a picture of Ryan Gosling, as well. So, that’s how that came about."

With casting rumors swirling like so much crushed velvet and body oil, we know that these kinds of mix-ups will happen — but we are seriously disappointed that we officially won’t see our baby blue-eyed RyGos in the film adaptation after all!

Source: RyanSeacrest.com

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