Yep, pop star Pink once worked at McDonald's. So raise your glass — or your milkshake — to her.

Credit: Getty Images

Celebrities make money for their special talents. But some of them started out making more money from special sauce than special talents.

Just because you have a less-than-enthralling job doesn't mean you won't go on to do something great with your life, as several celebs who used to work at McDonald's have discovered.  

So which famous movie stars and musicians have worked at the golden arches? Click on to find out! 

Basic Instinct's Sharon Stone got her start here, too. Come to think of it, is there a more basic instinct than wanting some chicken nuggets? We think not. 

Car enthusiast Jay Leno probably got to see plenty of cars by checking out the drive-thru while working at McDonald's.

James Franco starred in Pineapple Express, but when he worked at McDonald's, the only things he was serving express were burgers and fries.

Kissed by a rose? When Seal was working at McDonald's, we're guessing he did more flipping patties than smooching flowers.

Before she was holding Ryan Gosling in the rain in The Notebook, Rachel McAdams was talking to people who were stuck in the rain at the McDonald's drive-thru. Same thing, right?