Credit: Ouzounova/Splash News Photo: Do Miley's Hoops Take the Heat Off Her Hair?

Miley Cyrus has been getting a lot of flack for her recently shorn hair, and while the starlet has since defended her ‘do, saying she’s “never felt more me,” her recent choice of accessory could suggest that she might be trying to keep the focus off her hotly contested hair.

The newly coiffed Miley was spotted driving around Philadelphia on Aug. 20 sporting gold hoop earrings so large we’re surprised birds didn’t use them as perches! Oh, and that's friend Cheyne Thomas along for the ride, in case you were wondering.

Credit: Ouzounova/Splash News Photo: Miley Shows Off Some Huge Hoops

Now, we know that Miley’s been making a lot of bold fashion statements lately, but we can't tell if those huge hoops are a way to distract us from her new hair or if they're designed to accentuate her shorter 'do. Only Miley knows for sure.

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