Credit: Twitter Photo: Gérald Babin, 25, died on the French adaptation of Survivor

Just when you think nothing could be as tragic as the death of 25-year-old Gérald Babin on the first day of shooting for the French Survivor adaptation, Koh-Lanta ... this happens.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 38-year-old Thierry Costa, staff doctor for the French series, committed suicide Monday in Cambodia, where the show had been filming. His death came 10 days after the death of Gérald, who had a heart attack and died en route to the hospital after competing in challenges at the start of the season.

Thierry had been with the show for four seasons. He reportedly left a suicide note saying his reputation had been harmed by accusations after Gérald's death. French authorities are investigating the circumstances of the contestant's death, and Gérald's family announced on Monday they are seeking damages.

"Unjust accusations and assumptions have been made against me," Thierry wrote in a handwritten letter that was reprinted in Le Parisien. "I am sure I treated Gerald with respect as a patient and not as a contestant."

Source: The Hollywood Reporter