Credit: Greg Tidwell, Photo: Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Son Michael at the Premiere of Brave on June 18, 2012

Celebrity kids have a pretty sweet deal. For example, they get to go to movie premieres and see new films before all their friends (unless their friends are also the offspring of famous people). Case in point: Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Franklin & Bash) brought his son, Michael, to watch Pixar’s Brave on June 18. See? Lucky!

But there are downsides, too. There will always be someone who compares the kid to his father during the time he played an iconic ‘90s role. Today, we are that someone. Sorry, but we couldn’t help but notice that Michael is adorable and is pretty much a miniature Zack Morris.

Whoever owns the rights to Saved by the Bell must immediately make a prequel or a spin-off or something. Entitle it Saved by the Bell: The Newest Cast or Saved by the Bell: The Zack Years. We’ve already done the casting for you.

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